Package source


This will install the package that is located at the directory:

cget install ~/mylibrary/

There must be a CMakeLists.txt in the directory.


An archived file of the package:

cget install zlib-1.2.11.tar.gz

The archive will be unpacked and installed.


A url to the package:

cget install

The file will be downloaded, unpacked, and installed.


A package can be installed directly from github using just the namespace and repo name. For example, John MacFarlane’s implementation of CommonMark in C called cmark can be installed like this:

cget install jgm/cmark

A tag or branch can specified using the @ symbol:

cget install jgm/cmark@0.24.1


A recipe name can also be installed. See Using recipes for more info.


Aliasing lets you pick a different name for the package. So when we are installing zlib, we could alias it as zlib:

cget install zlib,

This way the package can be referred to as zlib instead of